Expungements - Frequently Asked Questions

What is an expungement?

Generally speaking, under Louisiana law, an expungement is a procedure by which a court orders the state to make certain arrest or conviction records non-public.  That is, most private individuals will not be able to see the records during a background check.  The records are still available to law enforcement for legitimate purposes.  Certain entities are also able to have the records accessed — for example, nursing boards, medical boards, and the Louisiana Supreme Court’s Committee on Bar Admissions. 

Under what circumstances am I eligible for an expungement?

I pled guilty. Can I still get my record cleaned up?

I got a first offender pardon. Can I get an expungement?

How much does it cost to get an expungement?

How long do expungements typically take?

I pled guilty, but it was a long time ago. Can I get my record cleaned up?

Can I get my felony records expunged?

I got an “894” (or an “893”) during my plea. Why is my arrest still showing up?

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