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Indicted by the Feds?

Federal Criminal Defense - FBI, DEA, or ICE Out to Get You?

Federal Crimes are Different from State Crimes

What’s the difference between federal criminal defense and state criminal defense?  Lots.  And guess what: the feds, as a different “sovereign” than a state can charge you AGAIN for criminal conduct you have already been tried for in state court.  …

Wrongfully Convicted?

My Lawyer Lost my Criminal Case and I Got Convicted -- Now What?

Criminal Appeals, Post-Conviction Relief, and Habeas Corpus

Overturning a conviction is not an easy task. Before you can catch your breath after hearing the awful word “Guilty” and reassess, deadlines are running, and running FAST.  …

Expungements - Frequently Asked Questions

What is an expungement?

Generally speaking, under Louisiana law, an expungement is a procedure by which a court orders the state to make certain arrest or conviction records non-public.  That is, most private individuals will not be able to see the records during a background check.  The records are still available to law enforcement for legitimate purposes.  Certain entities are also able to have the records accessed — for example, nursing boards, medical boards, and the Louisiana Supreme Court’s Committee on Bar Admissions. 

Under what circumstances am I eligible for an expungement?

I pled guilty. Can I still get my record cleaned up?

I got a first offender pardon. Can I get an expungement?

How much does it cost to get an expungement?

How long do expungements typically take?

I pled guilty, but it was a long time ago. Can I get my record cleaned up?

Can I get my felony records expunged?

I got an “894” (or an “893”) during my plea. Why is my arrest still showing up?

Criminal Defense Attorneys

Whether you are searching for a Ruston criminal defense attorney, Monroe criminal defense attorney, Shreveport criminal defense attorney, or federal criminal defense attorney; or whether you are looking for an attorney to handle a criminal appeal, criminal post conviction application, or habeas corpus case, the Ruston attorneys at Goff and Goff hope you find the information helpful.

The Ruston criminal defense attorneys handle cases involving the following issues:  Drug Enforcement Agency, bill of information, Brady violation, sentence, sentencing, prosecution, prosecutorial misconduct, prosecutor, AUSA, U.S. Attorney, snitch, confidential informant, motion to suppress, discovery motion, bill of particulars, illegal sentence, illegal confinement, conditions of confinement, 2241, 2254, 2255, court of appeals, court of appeal, appeal brief, habeas corpus law, bad lawyer, bad attorney, appeal deadlines, cja panel attorney, public defender, appointed attorney, ineffective assistance of counsel.

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